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Why Meridian

Benefits of Becoming a Meridian Member

  • Meridian is dedicated to improving the lives of our members.
  • Our mission is to make sure you get the most from your healthcare coverage regardless of income level or health condition.
  • Every new member receives a welcome call. We verify your primary care provider, explain our plan policies, and complete a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - so you get the right care at the right time
  • When you become a member you will get all of your covered Medicare and Medicaid services from Meridian, including prescription drugs. You do not pay extra to join this health plan.
  • Meridian will help make your Medicare and Medicaid benefits work better together and work better for you. Some of the advantages include:
    • You will have a care team that you helped put together. Your care team may include doctors, nurses, counselors, or other health professionals who are there to help you get the care you need.
    • You will have a Care Coordinator. This is a person who works with you, with Meridian, and with your care providers to make sure you get the care you need.
    • You will be able to direct your own care with help from your care team and care coordinator.
    • The care team and Care Coordinator will work with you to come up with a care plan specifically designed to meet your health needs. The care team will be in charge of coordinating the services you need. This means, for example:
      • Your care team will make sure your doctors know about all medicines you take so they can reduce any side effects.
      • Your care team will make sure your test results are shared with all your doctors and other providers.,,,,,,